Here is a full review for theeternalsrp.

First Impressions [10/10]

The URL makes me think of reincarnation due to a book I read called the Eternal Ones. I love your theme and it is not monochrome. The plot sounds interesting and I like how you have the link for the full plot right there.

Appearance [10/10]

I love your theme. I mean, I really do. It is organized and the graphics are lovely. They really give a mystical feel. The links are also really easy to find and navigate through.

Plot [20/20]

I have honestly never seen a plot like this, though I’ve read some similar books. I think it is a very interesting idea and that you fill in a lot of necessary information and backstory in it. The plot is very well written and really interesting.

Biographies (Pick One Male and One Female) [13/20]

I based my judgments on the bios of Awe and Sarcasm. For starters, I tend to hate up to RPer bios, especially if it is inconsistently used (like some of the characters have bios and some do not), but they do work for your roleplay. I think you should link the other connected bios to it. The side bios are very well written, but they are also really short. They are some of the shortest bios I’ve ever seen. That may not give the roleplayers much to work with. I think fleshing them out a bit would do wonders. I assume these bios were combined as promos at some point hence the unusual formatting. It is not the most appealing thing, but definitely not a deal breaker. I think you should consider making sure all your gifs work though before you use them as graphics. Uniformity and all that.

Faceclaims [10/10]

You have a wide variety of faces and I love them all. I do not recognize some of them, but I like that. I also like that there are some Disney/Nick FCs mixed in with the Doctor Who, SPN, and all the other fandoms. Usually you cannot find all the FCs together and there is enough variety to attract anyone. You also seem  open to changes for those pickier people.

PS: You get so many brownie points for using Thomas Dekker. I know he is not an FC used a lot except as Adam Conant, so I find that wonderful.

Rules [4/5]

Basic rules, maybe change “shit” to “drama”. Some people may find that a little aggressive. The rules all seem very fair though.

Application [5/5]

It is a very thorough app and seems to be in order.

Admins [20/20]

You seem active and polite, including with some anons that may have even driven me a little nuts. You always seem to be on the main and that is wonderful. Active admins are the best way to keep an RP running and you have four. I see great things happening.


It’s good that you are so active in this RP. Also, there is no way to get lost in your main because you have so many clearly labeled navigation links.

Overall [92/100]

I will definitely be checking out your roleplay in my downtime. I think it is interesting and hope you keep on your current path. You seem to be doing great. 

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