M  i  d  n  i  g  h  t      L  u  l  l  a  b  i  e  s

a fanmix for when you cant sleep
Listen to it here (x)

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Houston 22.8.14

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I caught up on all my indies but I didn’t catch up on my homework. Damn.

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Theme 18neonbike themes

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  • Custom title, description, ask title, and colors.
  • Supports all post types.
  • Up to six links (normal version only)
  • Grayscale posts option (colored on hover)
  • hide captions option (show on permalink)
  • option to only show tags on hover


  • This style of website lets you access different pages without having to follow a link to another page. The all-in-one version of this theme has 4 tabs. One is your posts, one is your description, the third is an askbox and the fourth is links (see previews above).
  • You can change the titles of the links to these pages. 
  • IMPORTANT: You will have to go into the code and replace YOURURLHERE with your URL. (its around line 1050 in the code)


  • If you need any help with this theme or spot any issues please let me know!
  • if you choose the normal version there will be no description.

Check out the tardis theme network for more rad themes!

And make sure to follow my rules!

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Today a couple anons asked me how I coloured this gifset so I’m making a tutorial even tho I suck at explaining (◠‿◠✿)

So I’m going to make this:


Becomes this:


  • I used Photoshop CS5.
  • English isn’t my native language so I’m sorry for any mistakes.

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SHELLEYOFRPS presents her twenty-second character psd.

This is a fairly minimalistic chara psd that was inspired by something I saw on my dash. There’s not much to say about it really, except that I would recommend using pictures from the same photoshoot/event. I used this psd by l-agallerrie and the font is Courier New. If you have any questions just let me know.

  • Don’t claim as your own (no matter how much you edit it)
  • Don’t redistribute/steal
  • Don’t make an exact copy from scratch and post it; that’s still stealing

Please click that little heart if you use it or just reblog it if you wanna share it. Download HERE.

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theme 16 : obscura

  • 250px - 400px posts
  • 6 or 16 customizable links
  • updates/about page included
  • tons of toggles and options for customizing! 
  • Please don’t remove the credit
  • Don’t repost and claim as your own
  • Feel free to edit and customize as much as you want!
  • ♥ or reblog if you’re using

The extra updates page can be used for just about anything. You can add even more links to that page or even make it into a mini about me page! Make sure to plug in your URL into the proper spot I’ve labeled in the main customize area(Right where you fill out your links). If you don’t then your ask box won’t get linked up properly!

preview || code

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Oona Babcock Moodboard

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Guide To Torturing Someone

Below the cut is a guide to the art of torture for anyone playing a character who needs or wants to torture another, or anyone who’s simply interested. I, in no way, condone the replication of anything in this post in real life. This is exclusively for writing purposes. Do not try at home. 

Triggers: Violence

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Updated link

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