To continue on with the theme pack, I bring to you “Lucky” is the fourth theme in the Quinn Fabray ”Duets” theme pack. As I’ve said again and again, I hope you all won’t mind seeing a couple of ships you don’t like considering I know we all don’t see eye to eye on that.


Like before, the same rules applied to my old themes.

  • You may not redistribute this theme as your own. Nor can you use my theme as a base code.
  • You cannot remove any of the credits that I have placed on this place. If you do, a simple drop to my ask about placing it someplace else is acceptable. 
  • Feel free to edit this theme to your liking though I’m hoping there won’t be too much editing at all. 
  • If you need any help, don’t hesitate to send me a message for that. 


  • In this theme you will find a background picture in your options as well as the backbar for entries.
  • The dimensions for  image is “160 x 400”
  • The dimensions for image 2 is “289 x 140”
  • There are eight links - six of them are customizable. 

Direct link to preview here ; Direct link to pastebin here.

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Rest stops on highways are liminal spaces where the veil is thin and nobody can tell me differently


The explanation is that liminal spaces are in between places that bridge Here with There, so in fairy tales we often have the Fairy Ring, the Forest Clearing, the Sudden Misty Foggy Forest, the Bridge, the River, graveyards, in some cases

We also have a ton of american urban mythology around famous roadways and sites off the sides of roads

Archetypes like these occur to mark the places in the world where the veil goes thin and humans can have extra-worldly experiences, out of the ordinary way of living

So why wouldn’t transient spaces like rest stops where everyone is just passing through from one place to the next, never stopping for too long, not be a liminal space where spirits frequent, too

Especially since nobody would know if they were real or not

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Anonymous sensed
can you please tw your disease and ebola related posts

Yes, of course. I am sincerely sorry that we didn’t tag them before and I hope we didn’t cause you any stress or anxiety.

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PSD NUMBER EIGHT BY JESEYRESOURCES. Please, if you make the download, fav or reblog this post. Never redistribute or claim as your own, this is so very annoying to do. Click here if you want see more actions, and here if you want make any request. I really hope you enjoy. Thank you. download

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also i saw this on the unicef twitter page and thought id share

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Apparently Karla Souza’s character, Laurel Castillo, on How to Get Away With Murder was originally written as Laurel Wilden, a white character, but she asked the writers if they could change her into a latina and they did.

Karla Souza could’ve easily played a white character on the show. Instead she wanted to play as a latina. She wanted to break away from the stereotypical latino roles you always see on tv. 

A Latina is playing a smart and quiet law school student on a hit show. You don’t see that often. You don’t really see latinos playing these parts in Hollywood. I’m so excited about the latino representation showing on my tv. Especially when it’s successful women in law or medicine. 

Also I think it’s safe to say I’m officially a fan of Karla Souza.


Friendly reminder that selling RP graphics isn’t just tacky, it’s also potentially illegal. Even assuming you’re only using royalty-free textures and stock images (which, let’s be real, I know most people aren’t), you definitely don’t have the rights to the copyrighted images of celebrities that you’re using or to fonts that you only have a personal use license for. Making money off of RP graphics means you’re now using these materials commercially, which is against the law. No matter how much you edit the images or how many different layers you throw on top of them, that still doesn’t make them legally yours; that makes them a derivative work of the original, which is still considered copyright infringement. If the owners of those images ever found out and decided they wanted to take legal action against you for modifying and redistributing their work for a profit, they’d have every right to do so, and I can promise that would cost you a hell of a lot more than the $10 you made by selling a PSD to someone on Tumblr.

Moral of the story: don’t charge people for RP graphics, no matter how much time or energy you put into them. Those resources you’re profiting from aren’t yours to sell.

I have played several Emily Bronwing FCs, so I decided to make a gif hunt filled with all the gifs I’ve gathered for her. There are approximately 1,703 gifs sorted by general emotions/actions. It is a .zip file. None of the gifs belong to me and I apologize for any repeats. If you’d like any of your gifs removed or have any problems, please send an ask. There are no nude scenes. TW: Guns and Blood

You can download them all here.