I made another theme woo!!! This looks vaguely similar to my other theme but what are you gonna do about it. There isn’t much to say about this except the header is 520x250 and the sidebar is 245x245 so enjoy don’t remove credits etc.. You know you weren’t raised in a jungle.


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Under the cut you’ll find a list of tutorials on how to make your own theme from scratch and edit a theme you found to your liking. I hope this helped you out and if it did, like or reblog this to let me know.

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psd | #15 by Fallenresources

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hey look who’s back, presenting to you my third theme. I must admit I was rather out of practice as far as coding goes so it is fairly simplistic but hopefully this will get my on a roll again. Sidebar image is 245 x 200px. As always please like or reblog if you use and do not claim as your own. 

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Anonymous sensed
Hi! I stumbled onto your blog by accident and fell in love with your writing! You make being part of an RP look really fun (it's been a long time since I've done any rping and never on tumblr) and I was wondering if you had any advice about anyone looking to get started.


Thank you, Nonnie, for this lovely ask, and I am beyond sorry it’s taken me almost a week to answer it (that’s real life for you, hmm?). I don’t know that I could be considered expert enough on RPing or writing enough to give advice, but I’ll try!

One of my current RP partners and all-around awesome person (the amazing tricksterangelgabriel) mentioned RPing to me several months ago on my main account. I didn’t think too much about it at the time, namely because I hadn’t realized RPing on Tumblr was even a thing. And while I had years of RP experience, it’d been nearly ten years since I’d done it. I shrugged, and thought, ‘nah, that’s not for me,’ and shelved it. I thought, ‘Sure, I know I’d be Sam, but there are a ton of astonishingly awesome Sams out there, and I couldn’t hold a candle to any of them.’ But the idea had been planted in my head, and it finally took root in my love of all things in the SPN reverse!verse.

As for getting started, I’ll admit, I was very intimidated. Everywhere I looked were amazing authors, and who was I, even? I couldn’t hold a candle to most of these people, and I felt ridiculous even trying. Who would actually want to RP with me? But I wanted to do it, so I read up on an RP guide for Tumblr, familiarized myself with the basic rules (cutting posts, reblog as text, etiquette, and other stuff), and jumped in. I leapt into the #open starter tag and answered a few (one of those first threads I responded to now has over 100 notes and is still going strong!). Then I ended up following partners of other partners of other partners, and now I follow so many amazing people.

Some people don’t like RPing with OCs, but I would suggest against his. I’ve had some of the greatest fun on here with OCs! Some of the OCs I’ve met are more well-written and amazing than some canon characters! So if you take the standpoint of not RPing with OCs, you’re missing out. I’m a person who chickens out of sending messages to muns I want to RP with. I have to build up my nerve to ask… so if someone asks me instead, I’m always really flattered no matter whether their character is canon or not.  

Always treat your RP partner and their character with respect. They love their character as much as you’ll love yours.

Don’t be like me and be afraid to contact people for new threads. I rather think many RPers are like me, and are happy when someone likes their writing enough to want to RP with them (I mean, I could be wrong, but I don’t think so). 

Always answer asks, even if you have to say ‘no, I can’t/don’t want to RP’ to someone. It’s better to say I’m sorry, I’m too busy’ than to let the person who asked you wonder why you didn’t bother to answer.

If you have to drop a thread, or if you’re just not feeling it, contact the other mun and let them know. It’s the polite thing to do, because otherwise the other mun might fret and wonder.

Don’t be a rude potato like me and take a week to answer kind and lovely asks, such as yours. Some people sweat the time that passes and they don’t hear an answer. (I’ve had a family emergency going on this week, and I swear I would have answered sooner if I’d had the stamina.)

These are my suggestions… and I’m sort of a greenhorn at Tumblr RP. I used to do it all the time on Yahoo Groups, but the format here is quite different. Check out those RP guides I linked above. Here are a few more Masterlists/Guides that I have bookmarked for my own reference, which you might find useful (or not, YMMV).

Those links above? I use them all on a regular basis, while RPing, while writing fic, and even sometimes when I do my freelancing work.

And absolutely follow these two blogs

  • dear-indies (this blog is the go-to source for RPers, with masterlists for various fandoms.
  • clevergirlhelps (a blog geared towards writing)

I’m just a nobody writer/RPer, so I would higly recommend checking out those links. There are people out there passing out advice who are far more talented than I! But I thank you again, Nonnie, and hope that maybe something here was helpful in some way.

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Mason Dye GIF Hunt


  • Under the cut there are ### mostly HQ gifs of the super hottttt Mason Dye. No GIFs here are mine, were edited by me, or are owned by me, I give the credit to the rightful owners. 
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spookyrph replied to your post “woooowww saw someone defending the use of using vanessa white (who is…”

They act like half black faceclaims 25+ are in short supply???

It’s almost worse because the “older” version is supposed to be 18 or something. I don’t even think Vanessa White looked 18 when she was 18 and do you really need a new fc for playing your character only a couple years older?

Oh, and the other excuses were “I didn’t know” (it’d take you two seconds to google) and “I’ve been using her for two years, it’d be hard for me to change”. Ignorance is not a defense and just because you’ve done something fucked up for a really long time doesn’t mean you weren’t wrong in doing it and that you don’t have to change.

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hot damn, that’s my jam; songs that everyone knows, everyone loves, and everyone sings

01. Don’t You (Forget About Me) ▸ Simple Minds | 02. Gold Digger ▸ Kanye West | 03. Toxic ▸ Britney Spears | 04. Cry Me A River ▸ Justin Timberlake | 05. I’ll Be There For You ▸ The Rembrandts | 06. Crazy Frog ▸ Axel F | 07. Wannabe ▸ The Spice Girls | 08. Hips Don’t Lie ▸ Shakira | 09. I Want It That Way ▸ The Backstreet Boys | 10. A Thousand Miles ▸ Vanessa Carlton | 11. 1985 ▸ Bowling For Soup | 12. Yeah! ▸ Usher [ft. Lil Jon & Ludacris] | 13. Glamorous ▸ Fergie | 14. Candy Shop ▸ 50 Cent & Olivia | 15. Bye Bye Bye ▸ *NSync | 16. Larger Than Life ▸ The Backstreet Boys | 17. Don’t Stop Believing ▸ Journey | 18. She Will Be Loved ▸ Maroon 5 | 19. It Wasn’t Me ▸ Shaggy | 20. Drop It Like It’s Hot ▸ Snoop Dogg


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→ sidebar dimensions are: 245x290. long sidebar dimensions are 151x548.

→ includes THREE links.  

→ tooltip and hover tags included.

→ i recommend this for character themes or rpg use.

→ don’t be an asshat and steal. don’t remove credit. thank you!

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