Role playing Terminology

Whether your new to role play or you just need a refresher this guide will tell you all the basics of the terminology I have come across, including common acronyms.

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heads up, I’m going to significantly lower the rate our queue publishes posts because I’m not going to be able to keep up with it once school starts

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Here’s my second PSD pack.

4 PSDs, the second one contains noise, the third one has an optional black and white option.

Please like or reblog or I’m not gonna do any more :)

Do not steal or claim as your own! Bitches get stitches c:

Download link: mf

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Theme #4; Shine by psbright:

                      Live preview / If you want it: Reblog this post, follow me and ask here ♥

  1. Contains:
  • description.
  • 5 links.
  • 1 sidebar image 75x75
  • 500px posts

      2. Tips

  • don’t place greats links.
  • enjoy.

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100 faceclaims who are not skinny white cishets + gifs


AKA: No, you really don’t have an excuse: the list.

This was made in honor of #fyrpd/fuck yeah roleplay diversity. I just want to make a little note of this list. There are very obvious people missing from this list! I tried very hard to avoid the “popular” faces I’ve seen tokenized. No, I did not include Zoe Saldana, Arden Cho, Idris Elba, Michael Trevino, Laverne Cox, Angelina Jole or Jamie Chung in this list. Those are all very viable and fantastic faceclaim options, but this list is for alternate options to the popular faceclaims. This list is to prove there really is no excuse for your roleplay to look like Canada in the middle of a blizzard.

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Under the cut is 134 gifs of Zoe Kravitz in Beware The Gonzo. All made by me. Like/reblog is using.


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teenage icon / a playlist for fucked up disney kids [LISTEN] 

teenagers - my chemical romance / 400 lux - lorde / another brick in the wall - pink floyd / / super rich kids - frank ocean ft. earl sweatshirt / lost in my bedroom - sky ferreira / old yellow bricks - artic monkeys / sex - the 1975 / the wire - haim / teenage dirtbag - wheatus / light em up - fall out boy / team - lorde / smells like teen spirit - nirvana / sweather weather - the nbhd / mardy bum - arctic monkeys / teenage icon - the vaccines / awkward - san cisco / m.o.n.e.y - the 1975

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ivy theme by frickgerard → preview | code

↪ dedicated to ivy. this is my first theme and i didn’t use a base code or anything so there may be some flaws- if you have any questions and/or problems please message me.

↪ don’t remove credit, claim it as your own, or use it as a base code.

↪ please like/reblog if you’re using it or planning on using it!

- lots of color options; i tried to make the colors pretty customizable
- custom sidebar title
- four custom links
- four options for body font, four options for sidebar font
- faded images (unfade on hover) or not
- tags appear on hover or not
- sidebar title + links slide in on hover or not
- info color changes on hover or not

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In some groups, some characters are married, or end up getting married. What happens then? Here is a guide on being married, coming from a woman who has been married for two years and been through 5 divorces between her parents. I will tell you the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to marriage.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions and experiences that the list is based on. I haven’t researched the topics, so i suggest you do that if you want to go even deeper. All the information I I write about is from the view of an American. Also, I do talk about sex.

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