Some people find it hard to pick out names for their characters so I decided to help you with all of that. Like/reblog if you use.
Under the cut is a list of unique girl names. 

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❄125+ textless and small/medium faceless gifs of cute couples. All of these gifs are “PG-rated” with some kissing gifs. None of these gifs are mine. If you see your own gifs here and want me to take them down, feel free to message me. Reblog or like this if it helped you in any way. 


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without you ➶ a clint/natasha fanmix

01. in sleep / lissie 02. california king bed / rihanna 03. two pieces / demi lovato 04. beating heart / ellie goulding 05. buzzcut season / lorde 06. mirrors / justin timberlake 07. feel again / onerepublic 08. bind your love / cher lloyd 09. r u mine? / arctic monkeys 10. empty handed / lea michele 11. all this time / onerepublic 12. every night / imagine dragons 13. coming home (part ||) / skylar grey 14. my best days / lana del rey

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And no one is safe. What are you willing to do for victory?

This roleplay started on July 7, but we are still looking for people to fill important roles:

 Ron Weasley

Luna Lovegood

Neville Longbottom

Theo Nott

And many more!

Interested| | Plot| |Characters| |Rules| |Questions

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RODENOFRPH CREATES A MASTERLIST OF NAMES: Under the cut you will find 100 of my favorite names for both boys and girls. Please like/reblog if you found this helpful!

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My second first character psd. I don’t own anything, so here’s the credits: mullingah for the handwritten textures; bangmiley (I think that is her url) for the borders, troublehelpers for the gradient, perfectglamour & chantiiGG (from dA) for the PNG’s, lolitalayouts for the polaroid textures and someone for the FC pack of the flawless Stella Hudgnes. I think that’s all, if you have any question go to my ask.

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Daniel being ✧・゚:*✧・゚:*attractive*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ at Eyecon 2014 (x)


theme 2

  • SUPER simple theme lmao
  • 400px posts
  • 3 custom links
  • no sidebar image
  • short or long description (its your preference)

live preview (x) // code 

please like/reblog if using !!

feel free to ask me any questions about it but don’t remove my credit !!!

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This is a guide explaining the symptoms of diabetes. This is NOT a way for you to self-diagnose yourself so don’t do it. If you suspect you have diabetes please contact a doctor! Remember, I may have this disease but I am only giving info that I’ve been given in the past! If you believe this is inaccurate in any way - contact me privately via ask and be respectful for a response.

Please do not send me hate, either. I won’t answer it because I’m learning as I go since I have been recently diagnosed. Take it easy on me, I’m doing what I can ok? Thank you.

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Body Diversity - Ladies with Gifs - Part 1 

↳ Adeleone | two | three

↳ Amber Riley: one (directory)

↳ America Ferreraone (directory)

↳ Ashley Finkone | two | three

↳ Gabourey Sidibe:  one (directory)

Nikki Blonsky: one | two

↳ Raven Symoné: one | two |three

↳ Rebel Wilson: one (directory)

↳ Sharon Rooney: one | two | thre